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You’ve been told by your doctor that the low back pain you’ve suffered over the last ten days is probably sciatica and that the pain is the result of compression or pressure on your sciatic nerve. In case you have this problem, it is crucial that you avoid lifting heavy weights, prolonged standing or sitting; if you do so, then the pain and condition will aggravate.
If you can find something that satisfies these requirements, then there is a very good chance that you’ll be able to regain your mobility,Another sciatic treatment will be recommended to you by a certified chiropractor if the condition is not within the scope of chiropractic care.
Dr Sejal Thakkar, A Spine Consultant at Qi Spine Clinic , a Masters in M​​usculoskeletal Conditions from Nanavati hospital and Bachlors of Physiotherapy from DYPatil college of Physiotherapy, Certified Shacklock’s Neurodynamic solutions and Mulligan’s technique of mobilization. Pursuing certification in M​​DT (Mechanical Diagnosis and treatment ) from the Mckenzie Institut

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